It’s almost time to slowly lift the restrictions that have been in place all winter. Fingers and toes crossed for that warmer weather to come in.

However, the new normal will soon become outdoor socialising, giving you more freedom and more flexibility so why not embrace the opportunity and prep your garden ready to invite friends and family back together to be reunited at last.

Here’s some handy ways you can prep you garden ready for the big reunion:

  • Freshen up the lawn

We’ve all at one point or another envied those who can achieve perfect stripes and create luscious gardens. Well, we’ve found the secret … it’s all in the method.

Firstly, start off parallel against a straight line i.e., a fence or a wall for the first stripe, then line each subsequent line with the edge of the previous. Achieve this by turning 180 degrees and mowing in the opposite direction.

To keep it looking fresh and green, use fertilisers and seeds to help encourage regrowth and remember to water regularly.

Smarten up even more by going around the edges with a strimmer to neaten off the boundary.

  • Clean and prep the furniture

Use the pressure washer to hose of the dirt, insects and cobwebs from the garden furniture. Depending on what type it may need some more care.

Wooden; use a bristle-brush to help remove any built-up dirt in areas and after rinsing sand down any weathered areas. To protect your wooden furniture all year-round coat in teak oil.

Plastic; simply use a bucket of warm soapy water however avoid using an abrasive sponge as this can damage the plastic. Furthermore, it is recommended to cover and store the furniture away when not in use to avoid discolouration.

Metal; tackle any rust by sanding it off and coat with a rust resistant paint. Remove insects, cobwebs and dirt using a hose, it may require a hard brush for stuck on dirt. To protect your metal furniture, cover when raining.

  • Sweep and clean the patio

Using a hard bristle end broom, sweep round the patio to remove loose dirt and debris in preparation to remove the stubborn dirt and moss. Use a power washer to remove built up dirt and grime stained onto patio slabs to return them to their former glory.

Remember to fill in the gaps with sand to avoid moss and weeds growing back where the grout has been worn away.

  • De-Clutter the flowerbed

Your poor flower beds often take a battering over the winter months, help encourage regrowth and flowering by removing all the debris and pests that have gathered around the beds. It is also recommended to use fertiliser and new compost soil to maintain a healthy plant growth.

  • Weeding

One of the smallest yet often the most difficult task is to remove weeds from patios, flower beds and lawns. When done incorrectly you often find them regrowing as quickly as you pull them out. Some tips from gardeners for a successful weeding session includes:

  • Ensure the soil is damp if removing by hand as it then allows for the root to be removed in its entirety
  • Loosen the soil around the weed using a hoe to again allow for the best opportunity to remove the root
  • If you do decide to use weed killer try avoiding damaging the wildlife and grass surrounding the weed itself.

We’ve also come up with the perfect solution to dispose of all the excess garden waste and rubbish from the clear-out. We have a wide range of options to suit everyone’s needs; from our smallest mini skip, to our standard 6 yards right through to our caged tipper for all that bulky waste. It’s an alternative option to dirtying up your car in preparation for the tip run.

Give us a call on 01235 760555 to discuss through all of the options available and a solution to best suit your needs.