Christmas Recycling Ideas: Skip Hire

With an influx of waste in homes over the Christmas period, whether it be Christmas trees, wrapping paper, old toys or the impressive amount of cardboard boxes you accumulated in one morning, we have several Christmas recycling ideas that can help you manage your waste. 

On average, we produce over 30% more rubbish over the holiday period, but the clutter that builds up over the festive season doesn’t have to get out of hand. Hiring a skip to dispose of the old and make space for new gifts received is a great way to keep the mess at bay. 

Clearing the festivities 

With Covid-19 still having a lasting impact, most consumers will likely turn to order gifts online once again, creating even more cardboard clutter in the home. Many of us find ourselves making multiple trips to the tip over Christmas, but a skip can safely get rid of all waste in one disposal as efficiently and effectively as possible – no matter how much you have to get rid of.

Hiring a skip takes away the hassle of organising and separating waste. Apart from hazardous waste, all of your rubbish can go in the skip, where it will be sorted further by the experts. At Aasvogel, we have a wide range of skip hire solutions to suit every requirement; from mini-skips to 6 Yard Skips right through to 8 and 10 Yard Skips. We also offer next day skip hire service for those urgent jobs, subject to availability and outside of peak times. 

A new lease of life

Not all festive waste needs to go to landfills. Items such as Christmas cards and wrapping paper can easily be recycled for other festive uses in years to come.  Some of the many ways to recycle Christmas cards is to turn them into Christmas decorations, use them as gift tags and even create festive gift bags.

Wrapping paper is difficult to recycle entirely, so reusing it for other purposes is your best option. You can shred wrapping paper at home and use it as packing material for future gifts, use it as craft resources for family fun or decorate next year’s tree with quirky homemade decorations. 

Batteries required 

Batteries are the one item that everyone hunts for on Christmas day. Whether it’s Dad’s new gadget or the toy that requires at least six to entertain the children before dinner, batteries are immensely sought after. While it seems easier to throw used batteries away in your general waste bin, they are considered hazardous waste and should be disposed of carefully. Batteries can be recycled at the local recycling centre where they are disposed of safely. 

Oh, Christmas tree… 

Plastic Christmas trees aren’t exactly the best for the environment, but they do last a long time for reuse. Real Christmas trees are beautiful and have a festive scent, but are equally damaging to the environment when chopped down. If you’re looking for a real Christmas tree, some suppliers may sell them potted, keeping them alive to cleanse the air in your home. After the festive period is over, you can replant your tree or use it for firewood.

How you decide to recycle your Christmas clutter is entirely up to you, but ensuring you dispose of it correctly and in the most efficient way to protect the environment is most important. Aasvogel skip hire services allow you to keep your home tidy and organised without the added responsibility of what happens to the waste afterwards.

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