What is Sharp Sand used for?

The main difference between building sand and sharp sand, or grit, is their texture and uses.
Building sand is used to create a soft mortar to use in bricklaying and smooth pointing. Whereas, Sharp sand is mainly used for laying bedding and paving stones. However, it can also be mixed with other aggregates or hydraulic lime to produce a strong concrete or lime mortar.

Delivery of Sharp Sand

Our sharp sand can be collected or delivered and is purchasable in a variety of quantities that range from 20 tonnes through to smaller skip capacities right through to bulk bag amounts – and even smaller if being collected.

If you require a delivery to a property with limited access we recommend bulk bag orders. These bags can be raised and lifted over obstacles to be placed directly on site.

For larger project bulk bags are also a beneficial option as after delivery these can be filled with waste material from your site and then collected by us to be recycled into more aggregates.

At Aasvogel we are proud to operate a closed loop recycled aggregate service.

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