It is important to know that if you are looking to hire a skip this skip cannot just be placed anywhere. If you are looking to place a skip on public land, then you will need to have a skip permit.

Public Skip Hire

Public land can include anything from a public bridleway to a grass verge outside your domestic property. If you are planning on placing a skip on such an area, then you will need to apply for a skip permit – sometimes referred to as a skip licence.

At Aasvogel we are more than happy to provide professional advice to whether you will require a permit before delivering a skip.

If together we decide you do require a skip permit then not to worry! We can arrange and obtain this licence for you by contacting your local authority. It is worth noting that this is included as part of the service we offer.

Skip Permits and Other Restrictions

In addition to a skip permit there are additional actions that must be taken if you are indeed intending on placing a skip on public land.

Those skips intended for private use on public land must be suitably equipped with warning lights and other safety markings. These include reflective markings, lights to warn oncoming vehicles, hazard cones and the name and telephone number of Aasvogel.

In instances where these additional items are required, we will provide all necessary safety and warning equipment and fit it onto your skip for you.

Please be aware that a failure to state that a skip is to be placed on public land can lead to a fine or penalty of up to £1000.

Contact Aasvogel

If you want to discuss skip permits or the suitability of the intended location for your skip hire, then call us on 01235 760555.