By sustainably recycling all green garden waste you will actively be diverting away from landfill, which in turn, boasts huge environmental benefits.

By recycling your unwanted garden waste you prevent it going to landfill, which reduces greenhouse gases and leachate production. Additionally, recycling garden waste means that specially crafted compost really can be produced, which can be invaluable. Compost plays a huge role as a soil conditioner and growth aided in the agricultural sectors.

Garden and Green Waste Recycling

After we receive any green and garden material we meticulously sort it from the more general waste material. From here it is shredded, piled and sent to our partner recycler in Swindon.

It is here that all garden waste material is heated to firstly kill all weeds, seeds and other pathogens, and then constantly turned over a sixteen-week compost production process period. The final stage in any garden and green waste recycling process is to tested and sieve the final product to remove any oversized compost items.

Responsible Green Waste Recycling

At Aasvogel we ensure that all green waste we receive is diverted away from landfill. This helps reduce the production of greenhouse gases and leachate odour – a common occurrence from all landfill sites.

When we recycle garden and green waste it is not only better for the environment but the cost of transportation and fuel will eventually become cheaper. We ensure that all our garden and green waste recycling method are compliant with the latest EU rules and regulations so that all your activities are as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible.

Our Green Waste Recycling Service

At Aasvogel we are forever reviewing our garden waste recycling processes to guarantee our methods are as efficient and as sustainable as possible. Resultantly, we are continually investing in infrastructure and vehicles to reach our goal of diverting all waste materials away from landfill and achieving 100% recycling rates.

If you would like to find out more information about our waste management solutions, skip hire or garden and green waste recycling methods then please contact us.

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