Recycling can help improve the environment around us, but without the proper knowledge and know-how of the rules and regulations, it is easy to make mistakes, causing your recycling to be of no use in the first place. 

Every home can form its own recycling process to help reduce waste and knowing how to dispose of recyclables correctly will prevent making common recycling mistakes that many of us may have done before without realising. 

Empty and clean containers 

Cardboard, plastic and glass can all be recycled, but when these materials are commonly used for food items, the mistake of food waste can occur which can limit your recycling abilities.

Food waste such as leftover sauce, drinks, and any residue can mix with other waste, limiting the chance of proper disposal. For example, materials such as pizza boxes will sometimes have grease soaked into the cardboard, this kind of residue will spread amongst recyclables and cause them to be useless in the process. It’s important to empty any items before recycling. 

The issue with broken glass 

It is easy to make the mistake of assuming that all glass can be recycled. The only glass materials that can be recycled are bottles and jars. Light glasses such as mirrors or windows can not be recycled and needs to be removed from recycled glass materials and disposed of properly through general waste – but do make sure that any broken glass is wrapped and protected to prevent injury or damage. 

Avoid chemicals 

Toiletries such as hairspray, shampoo or deodorant bottles can be recycled once empty with the cap. Cleaning products such as cleaning sprays can become poisonous when dec composed – you should avoid recycling any products that are toxic as the chemicals will mix with other recyclables and contaminate the process. 

It might not be on the list, but it could still be recycled

While items such as batteries and electronics can not go in the recyclable bin doesn’t mean they have to go to landfills. Most supermarkets will provide recycling collection points for used batteries and electrical items can go to household waste centres. 

Using a plastic bag for recyclables

Recyclables should be placed directly in a bin or paper bag. Placing them in plastic bags will damage recycling machinery. Instead, take your plastic bags to a supermarket where they will recycle them separately. 

No post-it notes 

If the material you’re thinking about recycling is smaller than a post-it note, it most likely can’t be recycled. It is important to take your time sorting any recycling because small items can easily get mixed up amongst everything else. If you are uncertain, it’s better to place a small item in with general waste. 

At Aasvogel, we believe in the importance of recycling. We offer recycled soil and hardcore materials as well as new materials. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you improve your environmental footprint.