Being classed as a carcinogenic and banned as a building material in 1999 it is crucially important that asbestos is disposed of correctly.

The Safe Disposal of Asbestos

As it stands, special landfill sites and officiated container or cell burial are the only legal ways to safely dispose of asbestos. To ensure the safe transport and management of any asbestos material, specific permits and licences are required.

Asbestos Disposal at Aasvogel

As a complete waste management provider, Aasvogel is a fully licenced asbestos disposal site for cement bonded asbestos waste. This means that if required to we can come and identify and collect any unwanted hazardous asbestos or receive it directly at our transfer station in Wantage, by advanced agreement.

Additionally, to aid the safe disposal of asbestos waste, we can also offer a range of skips, roll on/roll-offs and a hazardous ‘Wait & Load’ service in our 7.5 tonne caged tipper. Please note that all these services are fully dependent upon the provision of premises codes and consignment notes.

Dispose of any unwanted and hazardous asbestos

If you are looking to dispose of any unwanted and hazardous asbestos, it is critical that you contact us first so that we can safely prepare for either the collection or delivery of any asbestos.

Contact Aasvogel

If you would like to discuss our asbestos disposal options or require hazardous disposal advice call us on 01235 760555 to discuss your requirements with one of our team.



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