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01235 760555

Aasvogel has a reputation for innovative waste management solutions and we strive to maximise the inherent value of your recyclable waste and control any disposal costs, professionally and responsibly.

Over the years, Aasvogel has invested heavily in a modern fleet of collection vehicles, along with a waste transfer and recycling centre, the objective of which is to increase recycling levels and minimise the impact on the environment. At present, we are proud of our total recycling rates.

Why we all should be reducing waste that is sent to landfill

Alongside being damaging to natural ecosystems, there are many practical reasons why we all need to be actively doing our bit to reduce the amount of waste that end up at landfill sites.

Harmful Leachate

Leachate is the liquid that leaches from a landfill site. This liquid depends completely on what waste materials are sent to a particular landfill site. However, it is always harmful and contains may toxins. Moreover, as it’s a liquid leachate is of particular concern as it often pollutes and contaminates nearby waterways and surrounding farm land. All of which can have harmful effects on humans as it can result in leachate entering the food chain.

The Production of Toxic Waste

Certain waste materials contain toxic chemicals that when allowed to break down in landfill sites can have long-term negative effects on surrounding environments. This is because these toxins, when mismanaged and not disposed of correctly, can and will contaminate the environment surrounding a landfill site. As a result, often the soil and groundwater themselves become toxic which in turn infect all surrounding vegetation and animals. Resultantly, the area around a landfill site cannot be cultivated, habited or put to any other use. Thus, the geographical area that a landfill site effects is much wider that the what we can see.

The Emission of Greenhouse Gases

As we all know, greenhouse gases are a leading cause of global warming. Consequently, as more material is allowed to decompose naturally at landfill sites, more greenhouse gases are emitted which in turn lead more harmful UV rays reaching the Earth’s surface. In the long-term this process will lead to raising surface temperatures and sea levels and also increasing our risk of skin cancer. Clearly, by reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfill sites present many benefits not only for our planet but for ourselves as well.

Landfill Reduction

At Aasvogel we recognise our statutory duty to comply with all safety, health and environmental legislation and we strive to achieve the highest standards in all matters relating to the safety, health and welfare of our employees and anybody else who is affected by our activities.

As a result, we are actively involved in reducing landfill which is shown by our continual investment in infrastructure, vehicles and our waste transfer station in Wantage, Oxfordshire.

What Do We Recycle?

Aasvogel has a reputation for innovative solutions and together with our recycling and marketing expertise, we’ll strive to maximise the inherent value of your recyclable waste and control any disposal costs so you can rest assured that we’ll handle your waste professionally and responsibly.

We recycle plastics, garden/green waste, wood, metal, carpet, PVC windows, cardboard, tyres, electrical appliances and plasterboard.

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