Wooden waste may not strike as materials that require specialist modes of recycling being a raw material. However, not recycling wood correctly can be extremely problematic for a number reasons.

The main problem being that our ever increasing demand for wood, is leading to large-scale deforestation which is contributing to environmental changes, including increasing of greenhouse gases, wildlife extinction and soil erosion. When we consider that the UK alone contributes to 3% of the world’s wood consumption, recycling becomes even more important.

Recycling wood also boasts many economical benefits alongside the environmental ones: For instance, when recycled wood is purchased the buyer is purchasing wood that contains 20% less moisture. This is an advantage as the recycled wood provides a higher level of durability than any wood that is cut down and bought directly. Resultantly, recycled wood is not only far tougher and more durable, but it is also a better deal economically to buy into as a raw material.

Our Wood Recycling Process

Our process for recycling wood is simple, after receiving any wooden waste we meticulously sort it out by type to ensure separation – a vital stage in preparing any material for recycling.

From here, each type of wood will follow a similar recycling process where they are shredded into piles and sent to our partner recyclers. Wood is then sent onwards as chippings which can be used as independent products or can also be mixed with other materials to be used in with a commercial, industrial or domestic capacity as an absorbent.

Besides reclaiming, wood can also be used in the form of wood pellets for surfacing foot paths and in parks. It can also be recycled and used in animal bedding and mulches. Alternatively, it is a good and sustainable example of a biofuel.

Responsible Wood Recycling

By responsibly recycling all your unwanted wooden waste, you will help reduce the production of greenhouse gas emissions as well as leachate odour by diverting as much waste as possible away from landfill.

It is important that all types of wood are disposed of and recycled properly. To ensure this, please put directly in our provided bins and skips and not in plastic sacks or trays because this will affect the recycling process.

Our Unwanted Wood Recycling Service

At Aasvogel we are forever reviewing our wooden waste recycling processes to guarantee our methods as sustainable as possible. Resultantly, we are continually investing in infrastructure and vehicles to reach our goal of diverting all waste materials away from landfill and achieving 100% recycling rates.

If you would like to find out more information about our waste management solutions, skip hire or wood recycling methods then please contact us.

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