Every tyre that is not properly recycled leaves many hazardous toxins behind when it breaks down. Some of these toxins can even cause many devastating diseases such as cancer. Additionally, once tyres are ignited they are extremely hard to extinguish meaning that controlled incineration is not an option. In the same way, due to the way they are designed, tyres are pretty much indestructible. This further complicates disposing of them.

One way in which tyres can be processed and disposed of safely and efficiently is by recycling them. In fact, in most scenarios recycling tyres is indeed the only way to ensure they are disposed of correctly and compliantly.

The Tyre Recycling Process

By responsibly recycling your unwanted tyres, you decrease the chances of it being filtered to landfill which is of high priority. This is because, due to the way in which rubber breaks down, they are a high-risk hazardous waste material as there is a high chance of them self-combusting which leads to the production of toxic chemicals and greenhouse gases.

At Aasvogel our initial stage of recycling tyres, like any other matter, is to sort it. Then we sent all baled tyres to a partner recycler for shredding and processing. This is because specialist facilities are required to break down the potentially harmful rubber polymers.

After the rubber has been cleaned and thoroughly separated from all other materials, these strips are placed into granulators. From here the tyres are recycled into rubber granules and crumbs, which are then combined with further materials depending on their intended use.

Many recycled tyres end up being used in sporting and athletic tracks, playgrounds, horse arenas and even car brake pads.

Our Tyre Recycling Service

Because tyres are considered to be a hazardous waste material, it is crucial that they are disposed of properly and put directly in our provided bins and skips. Additionally, If you are disposing of tyres, it is very important that you alert us to this fact before we collect your skip. At Aasvogel, we are continually reviewing our recycling processes to ensure we offer recycling methods that are as environmental as possible.

By recycling all your unwanted tyres with Aasvogel, you remove the chances of them being filtered to landfill and harming the environment and ourselves.

If you would like to find out more information about our waste management solutions, skip hire or tyre recycling methods then please contact us.

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