If you look around you, cardboard is everywhere; in your fridge, on your desk and even in your attic. Consequently, it is vital that we reuse and recycle as much of this unwanted cardboard as possible to offset our enormous levels of consumption.

In fact, cardboard is one of the most efficient materials to recycle in terms of energy consumption. This is because the fibres that make up cardboard have already been processed meaning that it is far easier to make cardboard from cardboard that it is to make it new. This process also produces much lower levels of chemical waste, which is great for the environment.

The Cardboard Recycling Process

After separating cardboard into its various types – corrugated, linear and waxed cardboard – we then shred and bale the material and send it to our partner recycler.

As a complete waste management provider who promotes a zero waste to landfill policy, we are proud to say that, all our cardboard is recycled back into cardboard production. Cardboard as a material can, in fact, be recycled up to nine times and be used in any type of cardboard production from brown paper bags right through to regular cardboard boxes and wax-coated juice cartons.

Responsible Cardboard Recycling

At Aasvogel our cardboard recycling processes are conscious and regularly reviewed to ensure that we are operating at the lowest carbon emission level as possible. As many organisations consume large amounts of cardboard annually, recycling cardboard forms an integral part of our nation’s social responsibility. This is why, from a business viewpoint, we ensure that our recycling methods are beneficial both environmentally and economically:

When we recycle cardboard waste it is not only better for the environment but it saves on disposal costs.

Our Cardboard Recycling Service

By recycling all your unwanted cardboard waste with Aasvogel, you remove the chances of it being filtered to landfill and harming the environment. By responsibly recycling you are also actively contributing to reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption.

If you would like to find out more information about our waste management solutions, skip hire or cardboard recycling methods then please contact us.

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