As winter gives way to spring, now is the ideal time to prepare your garden for summer. Whether clearing winter debris or embarking on a major landscaping project, our cost-effective skip hire services in Oxford provide the perfect solution.

In this handy guide, we discuss everything you need to know about hiring a garden waste skip for your upcoming project.

What Size Skip Do I Need?

To determine which skip size best suits your needs, you need to consider how much garden waste you expect to produce. The estimated duration of your garden project can be a good place to start, as you’ll likely need a larger skip for longer term renovation works.

If your garden makeover is projected to only take a couple of days and you expect to produce a small amount of waste, our 2 yard or 4 yard skips could be ideal. However, if the project is likely to take many weeks or even months, our 6 yard or 8 yard skips provide the perfect garden waste removal solution. Check out our useful skip size guide for further information.

What Garden Waste Can I Put in a Skip?

When clearing out your garden, it’s vital to have a clear understanding about which materials can and can’t go into a skip. Luckily, most garden waste tends to be natural and can be disposed of easily. Common garden materials that are skip approved include:

  • Green waste
  • Wood
  • Soil
  • Metal
  • Concrete

However, certain hazardous items cannot be disposed of in a skip. These include:

  • Herbicides 
  • Oil-based paints & solvents
  • Garden appliances
  • Sleepers & railway sleepers
  • Creosote

Certain items, including asbestos, plasterboard, fridge/freezers and tyres may carry additional charges, as they need to be disposed of in a legally compliant manner.

Why Hire a Skip for Garden Waste Removal?


Skip hire offers a convenient and efficient waste disposal method. All materials can be disposed of in one central place, eliminating the need to make numerous trips to local landfill sites. You can immediately discard any waste as you work in your garden, saving a huge amount of time and effort. This leaves you with more time to focus on completing your garden renovation project and less time planning work around trips to landfill.


Skips allow you to dispose of many types of garden waste at once. From green waste and discarded branches to disused wood and garden furniture, a skip offers an all-in-one solution for garden waste removal . But skip hire isn’t only suitable for private projects in Oxford; businesses can hire garden waste skips, too. However, it’s worth noting that some commercial projects may require a skip hire permit.


Piles of waste left in your garden can pose various safety risks. Hazards such as tripping over branches and falling over debris can result in unwanted accidents. Hiring a skip will allow you to keep your garden safe and tidy, reducing the risk of injuries and creating a more organised environment.

Environmentally Friendly

Most skip hire companies are dedicated to responsible waste management practices, meaning they will dispose of any waste in an environmentally friendly manner. If any garden waste is not biodegradable, a professional team will usually take appropriate action to ensure sustainable waste disposal. Here at Aasvogel, we aim to send the minimum possible amount of waste to landfill and always prioritise proper recycling of materials.

Cost Effective

When completing garden clearance, it’s vitally important to stay within budget. In comparison to other garden waste removal services, hiring a skip is a much more cost-effective option. You only need to pay for the skip size you require and can choose your own flexible rental period. You also don’t need to fork out any petrol costs to the local landfill, as there’s no need to even leave your property when hiring a skip.

Responsible Skip Hire Solutions in Oxford

Need to hire a skip for your upcoming garden renovation project in Oxford? Aasvogel can help. We offer flexible skip hire solutions across Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire and surrounding areas. Whatever your needs, we guarantee to have the right skip for your project, and can even offer next day delivery if required. 

Get in touch with our team today to discuss your garden waste removal requirements.