Expert Driving Skills Earn Aasvogel driver Acclaim

To be hired as a Large Goods Vehicle driver at Aasvogel you must have passed the LGV training course and gained a Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC).

This demonstrates to us that a driver has the necessary skill to handle our trucks and deliver our skips into small and restricted areas.

One of our driving team, Kevin, recently delivered a skip to a residence in Childrey, a village and civil parish west of Wantage.

Because he did it so skilfully the respective customer had the urge to email us and praise Kevin on his efforts.

Headed ‘Good work by Kevin in Childrey’, it said:

“Dear Sir,

The first skip I had from your company required a permit as it was out on the road. When it was delivered Kevin said he had put a skip in the drive before so why not do that next time.

Kevin came back yesterday and as good as his word put this skip in the drive.Excellent work as there was no more than 6mm either side of the transport arms as he placed the skip in. I had replaced the old metal gate posts with wider timber ones so it meant a smaller gap but Kevin was up to the task. 

I am sure Kevin must do loads of good work which goes unnoticed by customers so break out the gold stars or whatever adults get and see that Kevin gets one.

Best regards”