With summer in full swing, if you are anything like us you will be looking at your garden and thinking about how you can improve it further. Maybe you have your heart set on decking to host your next casual summer cocktail party, or you are looking to put in some new borders to teach the children about plants, seeds, and growing.

What should I be doing?

Many garden ideas often generate waste material. Cut-offs from the building process, topsoil that you have had to remove and even the packaging from the equipment you have used. It’s a great idea to plan ahead and think about the skip you’ll need. A mini skip means you won’t be needing to make all those tip runs and risk damage to your vehicle. Plus, you’ll know that the waste is being dealt with professionally and ecologically.

Build a floating deck

Building a floating deck is a great idea if you are looking for additional, firm outside space that lets you put furniture down – confident in the fact that it won’t sink or slide sideways. The key to a strong, stable base is to build on a solid foundation. If you are putting the feet of your deck straight onto topsoil, you may find some of them start to sink. A deck is only a strong as its foundations.

Most professionals tend to dig a hole below each foot and fill it with concrete. When the project is done, these foundations will sit under the deck – so you won’t be able to see them.

As well as the soil from the holes, you may find a mini skip useful to deal with any turf you will be removing. By taking up the lawn below the deck, you may find it easier to make it level, and it will ensure no weeds will come through. Just remember to put a good weed sheet down as well, which will also sit under the deck where no one will see it.

Putting in a flower bed

Whether you decide to introduce a raised bed or create one level with the rest of your garden, this is a fantastic project for the summer. Not only will it improve the look of your garden, but it’s also a good opportunity to get children involved in gardening and the science behind it.

Hiring a mini skip is the perfect answer if you are digging down and replacing your soil with compost to give your plants the best chance, or building a raised border and need a way to handle your offcuts and other waste from the process.

Replacing any broken fence panels

Storms are well-known summertime feature, and having fence panels and posts broken – sadly – is not as rare as we would like it to be. Disposing of them is not too much trouble, but when installing a new post, you will have to dig out the concrete foundation in order to replace it. This can often be fairly heavy. Hiring a mini skip can be a good solution to this problem. At least then you won’t have to risk damaging your car as you wrestle it in, and it’ll be able to accommodate the panel and post once they are broken down too.

Laying a new patio

This is a great idea if you are looking to gain some stable outside space, or if you already have a patio that you are looking to replace with a different design. As with the projects before, a spade and shovel will be your friends on this one. You are going to need to dig out some soil – but it’s not too complex after that.

Take it slowly and methodically. Mix cement and sharp sand to build a firm base for your stone, and use a spirit level to ensure that they are level. Keep checking the levels as you lay more stones and brush in your choice of filler between the stones for a clean finish.

During this project, you will likely end up with rubble if you are replacing an existing patio, or excess soil and turf if you are installing a new one. Even the packaging from your materials should fit into a mini skip comfortably.

Just clearing your garden to host a summer party

If you have a garden and it’s summer, it’s time to host a relaxed party. Get the Bluetooth speakers out, get the ice trays ready, and invite your friends and neighbours.

Before you get to that stage though, maybe it’s time to take a look at your garden and really take stock of all the things that you may be better off without. Is that shrub really working for you? Is that old Jack and Jill seat going to survive until the end of the season? Now could be a good time to clear out and make sure your garden is looking its best for when your guests arrive.

What’s the benefit of hiring a mini skip?

We offer a variety of skips in different sizes, but for these smaller projects, we’d recommend our mini skip hire. With its tiny footprint, you should be able to fit it on your own land. If it goes on your garden or driveway it means you won’t have to worry about permits like you would for a skip on a public area.

Nice, easy, clean, and environmentally friendly.