Identifying asbestos is something that many will claim to be able to do, but few have the necessary training and experience. In order to accurately identify asbestos-containing materials (ACM) there are many factors that need to be carefully considered.

Identifying Asbestos

Since its ban in 1999, asbestos bonded cement remains the most common form of the material. Unfortunately, this type of asbestos is also one of the most challenging to identify due to asbestos cement alternatives following a very similar design. It is usually impossible to identify a sheet of asbestos concrete without a sample being screened and even tested.

Due to these challenges and the threat the asbestos poses to the environment and our health, it is of the highest importance that any material that could contain even the smallest amount of asbestos is treated with the utmost caution.

Asbestos Identification at Aasvogel

Aasvogel is a fully licenced asbestos disposal site for cement bonded asbestos waste. This means that we are fully permitted to identify, advise, collect and dispose of all unwanted asbestos waste. We can also receive it directly at our transfer station in Wantage, but this must be by prior confirmation.

To ensure that all asbestos is disposed of compliantly, we offer a full hazardous waste disposal service that includes skips, RO/ROs, and a ‘Wait & Load’ option. 

It is of huge importance that you alert us to any potential asbestos, so that we can prepare safely for either the collection or delivery of any asbestos.

For more information please see our Leaflet on Asbestos and it’s dangers, or give us a call directly on 01235 760555.

Contact Aasvogel

If you would like to discuss our asbestos identification and disposal service, or require any hazardous waste disposal advice call us on 01235 760555 or contact us online.



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