Aasvogel operates a professional Oxfordshire recycling centre where we carry out the recycling of waste from demolition and construction arisings. From here we sort through waste arisings to screen and crush to create a quality recycled crush.  This process of buying and using recycled aggregates is a cheaper, more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to purchasing aggregates from a quarry.

Recycled Hardcore Aggregate Materials

Our recycled crush aggregate material is available for delivery in large or small quantities from 20-tonne loads to smaller skip capacities and can be used in a variety of ways.

We Deliver Recycled Hardcore Materials

Our recycled crush is available for delivery. Available in a range of quantities we can currently deliver recycled hardcore materials to Newbury, Oxford, Wantage, Witney, Abingdon, Faringdon, Hungerford, Didcot and Oxfordshire.

So whether you are looking for recycling in Newbury or Oxfordshire, Aasvogel can offer you a professional and environmentally-friendly service for the recycling of waste and the sale of crush.

Contact Aasvogel

If you require help with full recycled aggregates, prices or to arrange delivery, please contact us on 01235 760555, fill in one of our quote forms or get in touch with Aasvogel today.